Dr Anne Moir, founder of Brainsex Matters

Dr Anne Moir

Dr Anne Moir, founder of Brainsex Matters, is an internationally recognised and widely published authority on the rapidly developing science of neuropsychology. She is an award-winning documentary producer/director/writer and is the author of three international best selling books. She is currently writing a new title - Brainsex Matters - in collaboration with her regular writing partner, renowned broadcast journalist David Jessel. She uses her extensive knowledge of neuropsychology to stimulate positive change in people's personal and working lives and is passionate about the role of brain-based methods in the radical overhaul of Britain's educational models.

Anne began her career as an academic scientist, winning a Doctorate from Oxford University for her genetic research. But her career took an unexpectedly creative turn when she decided to engage her passion for television documentaries and to apply for a trainee position with the BBC. She rose swiftly through the ranks and by the age of 31 had her dream job: Producer/Director on Panorama.

Anne has run her own independent television production company, Quality Time TV, for the past 15 years, and is today a highly respected, award-winning producer/director/writer of intelligent documentary television programmes, many concerning health, social issues and sex differences.

Anne's prolific output of programmes and series include, Picking up the Pieces, Death, (RTS nomination BAFTA award), Why Men Don't Iron, Return of the Bloodsuckers (Single Documentary award). A Mind to Crime, People's Century: Half of the People, The Plague: A Decade of Aids (RTS award for Best Documentary Series), The Anatomy of Love, and Brain Sex.

Award-winning ideas for television also translate into excellent book treatments.

Anne is the author of three international best sellers:

  • Brain Sex: The real difference between men and women (Michael Joseph: London, 1989); Mandarin paperback (London 1990); Dell paperback (New York 1992)
  • A Mind to Crime (Michael Joseph: London 1995) Paperback Signet Books (1997)
  • Why Men Don't Iron (HarperCollins: London 1998) Paperback July 1999

In recent years, the academic and teaching side of Anne's career is resuming centre stage. A regular tutor for the Human Givens College teaching the importance of gender differences to psychotherapy and teaches teachers how to used brain-based techniques to improve learning. Anne is also a trained Psychotherapist with a Human Givens Diploma. The practical knowledge gained is employed in the workshops and seminars as tools for putting theory into practice.