Welcome to Brainsex Matters
There are male, female and a mix brains and they don’t necessarily match your body sex.
Welcome to Brainsex Matters. We are dedicated to enhancing the lives of all those with whom we work from individuals to companies to organisations.  The tools we use are based on our own research with clients and the current neuroscience.  The brain research is revealing a vast amount of new and exciting information.
"We can change our minds, which changes our brain wiring, which changes our behaviour.  It means we can create a life that is joyous, happy and successful."

Dr Anne Moir, Dr Anne Moir Neuropsychologist & founder of Brainsex Matters
Welcome to Brainsex Matters and our brain gender assessment profiling; a key tool for personal growth and development.  It provides an accurate measure of how each individual’s mind operates and although our essence is the same, we all received different ‘programmes’.  These programs mostly serve us well but we also all gather negative patterns that block our progress. Fortunately we can rewire the brain to operate more effectively, at any age.  This is the most exciting news to emerge from the decades of research.
Brain gender is created from three major components and it’s these that drive our individual behaviour:
Brainsex; Just as we have a body sex we have a Brainsex.  It does not always match body sex.  A biological attribute acquired in the womb during fetal development.
Life’s experience; the brain’s wiring is forged as much by upbringing and life’s events. 
Adult hormones act as neuro-modulators; male and female hormones interact with the brain’s operating neurotransmitters, influencing behaviour.
These three components are dynamic and interactive and combine to give us the rich diversity we see around us; we all possess unique minds of our own. 
It is nature and nurture at work
What is your Brainsex? Where do you fall on the male/female ‘Doing to Feeling Empathy Scale? You’re invited to take the Tests! Learn about your own mind operational style
Take the Brainsex test: Discover how your brain is wired by answering our scientifically developed questionnaire. Be prepared to be surprised as you learn your unique brainsex code.
What we offer
Over the past decade of gathering research from our workshops it has become clear that an understanding of the biological differences between men and women are a powerful tool for positive change.  Our brain gender tests are a strong predictor of individual talent.  It is a powerful tool for understanding how you think and react to others.
True diversity is based on brain gender not on body sex or ethnicity.
Understanding your own and other peoples' brain gender is one of the secrets to transforming your life.  We believe that an understanding of brain gender matters from the boardroom to the bedroom and is an essential element to success in our personal and working lives.
Misunderstanding is the treacherous rock upon which human relationships most commonly founder. Signals are misread; words are misinterpreted. Brain gender matters, whether you are seeking to finalize a multi-million dollar deal, establish marital harmony or negotiate curfew time with your teenage children.
We deliver inspirational talks, workshops and seminars to corporations, schools, parents, health and social workers and the legal profession.  Clients include: New Look BP Accenture Coca Cola Human Givens College Women in the City Unilever Coach Match Gibson and Dunn  Mishcon de Reya Manchester Square partners. We also believe that understanding intimate relationships is a major key to success in life.  See our web site www.wetalkaboutsex.com for our further information.

What we offer:
  • Courses: Our personal or in-house group seminars and workshops are designed both to educate and entertain. Explore and understand the complexities of brains gender science in an enjoyable and absorbing atmosphere.
  • Support: We offer brain gender assessment to help companies and individuals create real diversity and enhance, individual, team and/or company performance. We also provide you with array of brain-based tools for empowerment, happiness and success in your personal and professional lives.
  • Talks: Brain gender is a stimulating and enthralling subject for keynote or after dinner presentations, ensuring your corporate event is the one delegates will remember.

"Delivered with passion by an expert, whose enthusiasm makes it impossible not to take on board the message. Incredibly useful information that can save relationships and give insight to aid development. Brilliant day!"

Clinical hypnotherapist

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